One Family Rooted in Christ Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign Updates

Preparing for our future and caring for the needs of our parish by striving for these three goals of our One Family Rooted in Christ Capital Campaign:

 1. Pay off our Debt ($1.8 million - victory goal)
2. Repair our Church ($2.6 million - celebration goal)
3. Create a deferred maintenance savings account for future needs, as well as enhancing our worship space ($3.2 million and beyond - milestone goal)

Please check out any of the following documents for more information on these plans or call the parish office with any questions. If you are unable to help us financially at this time, please keep the success of this campaign and good of our parish in your prayers. Thank you for your support!  


Captail Campaign Case Statement

Capital Campaign Kick Off Bulletin Flyer

Capital Campaign Survey Results

Financial Update   September 10, 2017

Capital Campaign Letter (1 of 3)  October 29, 2017

Capital Campaign Letter (2 of 3)  November 5, 2017

Capital Campaign Letter (3 of 3)  November 12, 2017

One Family Rooted in Christ Capital Campaign Prayer

Dear Lord,

We ask You to bless our Capital Campaign. May it keep us One Family Rooted in Christ. Help us to use Your Gifts wisely as everything we have is a gift from You. May our involvement in this effort help build up the corporal and spiritual needs of Your Church and bring Christ to others.

Please give us the Grace to trust You and live the Gospel in all we do. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and Mary our Mother, intercede for us.




Capital Campaign Corner
Bulletin Updates



The Difference That You Make

As of April 4, 232 registered parish households at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton have given us a decision on our capital campaign, about 10% of our registered families. Thank you to everyone that has responded! We are one third of the way towards our ultimate goal of $3.2 million at roughly $1.2 million dollars raised. Every little bit truly makes a big difference towards the needs of our parish. Whether the support you are able to give is financial or through your prayers, once again we thank you. Your stewardship helps build up our Church.

If you are experiencing financial, medical, or other challenges, please remember we are here to help you. Please let us know of your circumstances so we can assist you.

Also, as you make your donation, please let us know if your contribution is a one-time gift to the campaign or will occur every week, month, year, etc...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we conducting a capital campaign?
Based on the positive results from the March 2017 survey and our recently completed planning study we are moving forward with a capital campaign. Capital campaigns are for those extraordinary items that are not covered by offertory or normal financial contributions.

Will this be the last capital campaign?
We certainly cannot promise that there will never be another capital campaign. SEAS is located in a young, growing part of the greater Fort Wayne area and other large needs will happen in the future. However, the more we can raise in this campaign the better off we will be for the future and future needs of the parish.

What are the goals of this campaign?
The first priority is to retire the debt and get rid of that monthly drag on our budget. Then we will fix the leaky roof and replace our outmoded HVAC system. Finally, we will enhance our worship space and create a deferred maintenance fund.

Shouldn’t we repair the roof right away? Is there a chance that the roof damage will get worse if we do not take care of this right away?
It is always a concern that water damage can get worse. We will do our very best to balance retiring the debt and taking good care of the worship space we have been blessed with so as not to cause further damage.

How do we make sure that these kind of expensive maintenance items do not happen again?
There are certainly no guarantees in life, but forming a “deferred maintenance” fund will help pay for these kind of projects in the future.

When will we be able to enhance our worship space? What will that look like?
Many of our parishioners have wanted to have a more prayerful and spiritual worship atmosphere in our church. This can be accomplished with some potential visual enhancements and slight remodeling. Once the threshold of $2.6 million is reached, we will retire our debt and make necessary repairs to our church facility. Anything we raise beyond this goal will allow us to establish a fund for future maintenance needs and then we can pursue enhancements to our worship space. Naturally, the more we raise the more peace of mind we will have for future expensive maintenance projects and projects we can do inside the church. We will look to get some very valuable insights and feedback when the time comes for these projects.

How did you come up with my request amount?
The amounts are based on a number of factors, including giving history and answers shared in the planning study. Our goal is to challenge everyone to consider supporting St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in a meaningful and sacrificial way, in a manner that works for each family. The most important thing to remember is that the amount in Fr. Dave’s letter is just a request…not a requirement or obligation.

Who is being asked to support the campaign?
Every registered parish family will be asked to participate in the campaign.

Why should I support the campaign?
Throughout the Bible we are reminded that we have been called by the Lord to build His Kingdom.

“Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15:58.

The obligation rests with everyone to do their part to raise the necessary funding. We all need to identify and make sacrificial and meaningful donations to ensure the campaign is a success.

Will my pledge be legally binding?
A pledge is not legally binding, but it is a gift which you consider to be meaningful. We ask that you do your best to fulfill your pledge and advise the church of any financial changes that will impact your commitment.

Will this be the last campaign?
There are certainly no guarantees. BUT our hope is that this will be the campaign to end all campaigns. The more we are able to raise the further off the next campaign will be into the future.

Why pledges?
Pledges allow parishioners to plan out their commitment over the three years of the campaign. Giving the same amount every week, month, quarter, etc. over the three years of the campaign works for most households. However, we certainly understand if you have to vary the amount over the years

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