MASS TIME CHANGE! Beginning, August 4, Sunday evening Mass time will be changed to 4:00 pm. Saturday evening Mass will remain at 4:30 pm.

Outreach Ministries

St. Vincent de Paul Society

PresidentJack Dunifon 432-7785
Parish Liaison: Deacon Jim Kitchens
260-432-0268, ext. 109
The mission of the St. Vincent de Paul Society is to provide support for the homeless and those in prison as well as for our own parishioners who find themselves without income or resources. Volunteers in this ministry access needs and coordinate the distribution of food, counsel, funds, and housing for those in need.  

Prayer Line

Contact: Carole Yaney 432-0268 ext. 107
Send Prayer Requests to:
The prayer line provides prayer support for people in need of prayers. Prayer requests are dispersed by email via Flocknote. Many prayer warriors are needed in this vital ministry.

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee is responsible for planning and implementing various activities to welcome new members to the parish. Volunteersare needed to be apart of the committee and also to mentor new families.  


Contact: Deacon Jim Kitchens
Phone: 260-432-0268, ext. 118
This ministry provides parishioners opportunities to serve as Lectors, Extraordinary Minsters of Holy Communion, Sacristans, or Cantors for a funeral liturgy. In addition, volunteers are needed to serve as bereavement mentors to provide follow up mentoring to families as needed.

Funeral Dinners

Contacts: Kay Keefer 436-4268
A funeral dinner is served in the parish hall for those families who would like to gather with family and friends after a funeral service of a loved one. Volunteers provide a dish for dinner, make phone calls, or help organize, set up, and/or clean up.




Family Meals

Contact: Kathy Myers 625-2776
This ministry provides dinner to members of the parish in need of assistance due to an illness or hospitalization. Volunteers are contacted on an as-needed basis to provide meals on certain days and times. 

Children's Hope Hospitality House

Contact: Suzanne Kuntz 260-705-4539
Children's Hope House provides temporary, minimal cost lodging to families with a sick child in the neonatal or pediatric intensive care units or with a child in the pediatric oncology unit at area hospitals. The house is located near Lutheran Hospital. Volunteers from the parish are needed to periodically provide meals to family members staying at the Children's Hope Hospitality House.  

Giving Tree

ContactsMaria Victoria 513-348-5994
The Giving Tree helps parishioners and other members of the community by providing Christmas presents and food to those in need. It is a wonderful opportunity to help people in our local area. Many volunteers are needed to help prepare items and sort items.

Knights of Columbus

Grand Knight: John Bachle 436-8110
The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's fraternal benefit society. Members of the Knights of Columbus are involved in many service and social activities within the parish. Volunteers are needed to be officers within the organization, plan events, and carry out service projects.

Blood Drive

Contact: Rich Burton 432-7030
St. Elizabeth typically hosts a blood drive twice a year to benefit the local Red Cross. This event is coordinated by the Knights of Columbus. In addition to blood donors, volunteers are needed to assist Red Cross staff with clean up, hospitality, and providing treats. Students preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation often assist parish volunteers in providing and serving refreshments. 

Prolife Committee
Contact: Susan Landrigan
The Pro-Life Committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss ways to further the causes of protecting life at all stages. Volunteers are needed to help with the annual Mother's Day carnation sale, annual baby shower, annual sale of Poinsettias, and to stuff bulletins with legislative information. Donations and assistance with delivering gifts are also needed.

More information on Prolife issues and resources.







Other Ministries

Education & Formation

  • Bible Study
  • Catholic School
  • High School Youth Ministry
  • Middle School Youth Ministry
  • RCIA
  • Religious Education
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Youth Sacramental Formation

Fellowship Ministries

  • Boy Scouts
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Parish Festival
  • Seton Society

Mass & Prayer Ministries

Parish Service Ministries 

  • Light Maintenance
  • Office Help
  • Parish Library
  • Parish Nursery
  • Phone Ministry
  • Rides to Church


Online Giving

Online Giving

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