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We are currently taking registrations for the upcoming women's and Men's Christ Renews His Parish Retreats.

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Christ Renews His Parish FAQs

Donations of Food or gift cards to purchase food for the weekend are always welcome.
If you have questions about food donations, please contact Kim Conte at
To donate food or a gift card to purchase food for the upcoming weekend
click: here and sign up online.


For more information or to register contact:
Women's Weekend: Clarissa Fenker click here or call (956) 286-0698

Men's Weekend:  Doug Kinder click here or call (260) 740-2428

About Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)

           Christ Renews His Parish started in a Catholic parish in Ohio in 1969 by a priest wanting to meet the need for renewal and a deepening of one’s faith right in a person’s own parish setting.  It has now spread to hundreds of parishes.  In September this will be the 54th men’s/ women’s weekend that has been held at St. Elizabeth’s, so it has been going strong here for 27 years. 
           During a Christ Renews His Parish weekend participants have an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with Christ, refocus their lives and connect with other parishioners.  Many participants find that it was "just what they needed" at the time that they attended. We invite you to COME and SEE for yourself.

Quotes from previous attendees:
 "It was a life changing experience, I’m thankful and my family is thankful that I went on the retreat.”

 “After attending a weekend, I feel like I really fit in to the parish now.”






“After attending a weekend I have a  wonderful peace in my life.”

Fall 2018
Christ Renews His Parish Weekends:
Women - September 8 & 9
Men - September 22 & 23


Spring of 2019
Christ Renews His Parish Weekends:
Women - February 23 & 24
Men - March 9 & 10


Additional Adult Formation Programs:

Online Giving

Online Giving

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